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Project-based learning: the basics

Method title: Project-Based Learning (PBL)

Short Description: The method of PBL is using live innovation challenges as a device to integrate key tools and concepts around innovation and entrepreneurship and developing skills essential for innovation teams.

Responsible Researcher(s): Dr. Claudia Lehmann, Karl Rabes, Tim Mosig, HHL

Collaboration Industrial Partner(s): BMW, Aachen Münchener Versicherung

The objective of the method development in the project: The method aims to design and execute innovation and entrepreneurship projects in a more structured way and provide the opportunity to development essential skills, which also can be used for other tasks and methods for a more sustainable overall output.

Project-based learning state of Knowledge

The attached document represents the stage of knowledge on Project-Based learning method in the beginning of a project.

First student workshop

On November 18th, 2016 HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management held a laboratory workshop with students from different study program about the innovative teaching method Project-Bases Learning (PBL). First, the students were introduced to the method, its set up and use. Second, the researchers discussed with the participating students about the perceived effectiveness and applicability for innovation and entrepreneurship courses as well as other modules and contents. With their valuable feedback, the method is going to be developed further for the needs in academic environments as well as the perspective in mind, that the method is also highly relevant to corporations and their innovation and entrepreneurship activities.

Upcoming workshop(s)

February 08, 2017

The first full pilot workshop of the method is to take place on 9th of February at the facilities of BMW in Garching, Germany. The delegates of project partner companies will take place in this mutual learning experience. Based on the results of the workshop and the feedback on it the method will be developed further.


Bessant, J.; Lehman, C.; Mosleh, W.S.; Mosig, T.; Rabes, K.; Trifilova, A. (2016): Innovating innovation management teaching - The state of knowledge, working paper/report, I+VC2016, Linz, Austria

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