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Future-based learning: the basics

Method title: Future-Based Learning (FBL)

Short Description: The method is using future trends for developing innovations of today

Responsible Researcher(s): Prof. John Bessant, University of Exeter

Collaboration Industrial Partner(s): Nokia

The objective of the method development in the project: This strand of work will set up an ‘IF-Lab’ (Imagining the Future-Laboratory) – a place where participants imagine alternative futures and explore within them opportunities and challenges, which can form the basis of novel product or service concepts.

Future-Based Learning Video Intro

Want to learn more about Future-Based Learning? Watch John Bessant talking on Future-Based Learning Method in  the TACIT Project

Future-based learning state of Knowledge

The attached document represents the stage of knowledge on Future-Based learning method in the beginning of a project.

Upcoming workshop(s)

February 09, 2017

The first full pilot workshop of the method is to take place on 10th of February at the facilities of BMW in Garching, Germany. The delegates of project partner companies will take place in this mutual learning experience. Based on the results of the workshop and the feedback on it the method will be developed further. The workshop will be run by Fabian Schlage, Nokia.


Bessant, J.; Lehman, C.; Mosleh, W.S.; Mosig, T.; Rabes, K.; Trifilova, A. (2016): Innovating innovation management teaching - The state of knowledge, working paper/report, I+VC2016, Linz, Austria

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