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We will explore, prototype and launch eight innovative approaches to Teaching Innovation Management. 


Our challenge is to make the emerging tools and methods available to a wider audience.

Eight Methods

‘Serious play’ is a strand of work that we will explore to see the different ways in which games and structured play can provide new learning opportunities to develop innovation capabilities

Using guided walks through landscapes which are full of innovation and explore them in the open air, walking and discussing away from the classroom.

How can we use storytelling to improve aspects of innovation management?  Perhaps in making more persuasive pitches, or developing a storyboard for entrepreneurial ideas? 

In particular we will draw on experience at the University of Southern Denmark which has worked for years on using theatre-based approaches to improve understanding and performance in real organizations.

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This strand of work will look at the ways in which structured reflection can be used to capture learning from live innovation projects.

Building on experience in companies like BMW, Nokia and Lego this strand of work will explore in a practical way how to bring the entrepreneurial lab into the mainstream.

This strand of work will set up an ‘IF-Lab’ (Imagining the Future-Laboratory) – a place where participants imagine alternative futures and explore within them opportunities and challenges, which can form the basis of novel product or service concepts. 

This strand of work seeks to explore the ways in which design thinking can be used in learning how to manage innovation but also looks at ‘design making’ – the range of approaches which enable user engagement in prototyping and concept testing.

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