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Innovation Theater: the basics

Method title: Innovation Theater

Short description: Drawing on theatre improvisation this methods engages participants in exploring challenges in innovation and to mutually develop new perspectives on emerging themes.

Responsible Researcher: Prof. Henry Larsen & Wafa Said Mosleh, SDU

Collaborating Industrial Partner: LEGO A/S

Objective of the method development in the project: The method aims to explore how communicative interaction between stakeholders can affect the emergence of innovation and how participants can use improvised scenarios to challenge taken-for-granted assumptions and allow for new directions to emerge.

Innovation Theater State of Knowledge

The attached document represents the state of knowledge on the Innovation Theater method in the beginning of a project.


April 20, 2017

The first pilot workshop with participation of corporate learners took place on 21st of April at the premises of LEGO in Billund. The TACIT partners as well as their corporate 'learners' attended the workshop and tried on the methods of improvisation for addressing the corporate innovation challenges.

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