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Peripatetic Learning

Method title: Peripatetic Learning

Short Description: Deep or long-term learning also occurs when individuals are taken outside of the context of application and where experiential and compelling stories link the landscape and the learner to create knowledge scaffold.

Responsible Researcher(s): Dr. Allen Alexander (University of Exeter)

Collaboration Industrial Partner(s): NHS

The objective of the method development in the project: The course provides an understanding of a number of key innovation theories, brought to life by viewing them using real, but historic example, e.g. in an industrial/natural heritage environment .

Peripatetic Learning Video

Want to learn more about Peripatetic Learning? Watch Allen Alexander talkin on Peripatetic Method in  the TACIT Project

Peripatetic learning state of Knowledge

The attached document represents the stage of knowledge on Peripatetic learning in the beginning of a project.

Past workshop(s)

May 15, 2017

The first full pilot workshop of the method took place at the Dartmoor National Park, UK. The delegates of project partner companies took place in this mutual learning experience - learning to understand the innovation while being taken away from daily routines. The workshop consisted of an inspiring hiking under the pouring rain in the Dartmoor National Park, with observing examples of ancient and modern innovation on the way, as well as the wrap up session with case studies discussion afterwards.


Bessant, J.; Lehman, C.; Mosleh, W.S.; Mosig, T.; Rabes, K.; Trifilova, A. (2016): Innovating innovation management teaching - The state of knowledge, working paper/report, I+VC2016, Linz, Austria

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