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Design Making: the basics

Method title: Design Making

Short description: This method invites to an engagement with physical artefacts in collaborative settings to help participants move beyond abstract thinking  to concrete action in iterative processes of developing new innovations.

Responsible Researcher: Wafa Said Mosleh & Prof. Henry Larsen, SDU

Collaborating Industrial Partner: LEGO A/S

Objective of the method development in the project: The tangibility of the method supports participants in collaboratively facilitating discussions, provokes them to think of their ideas in new and different ways, as well as in bringing abstract ideas that are not yet existent into potential innovative initiatives.

Design Making State of Knowledge

The attached document represents the state of knowledge on the Design Making method in the beginning of a project.


April 20, 2017

The first pilot workshop with participation of corporate learners took place on 20th of April at the premises of LEGO in Billund. The TACIT partners as well as their corporate 'learners' attended the workshop and experimented with the set of tools developed by the SDU and LEGO as a Demonstration of Design Making. Participants were also offered to 'hack' the tools in order to improve the method.

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