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TACIT Impact

On 2 and 3 November 2017 at the RWTH International Academy in cooperation with University of Southern Denmark (SDU) there was organised an innovation competition "Ideas Competition – Innovation and Smart Technologies for the Insurance Business" set by AachenMünchener. In the competition, RWTH international master students developed new ideas and solutions for current challenges in the insurance industry through a variety of innovation methods such as design thinking and innovation games taught by Wafa Said Mosleh (TACIT Researcher, SDU). The questions formulated by the AachenMünchener were based on the three fields of action: the elderly, young people and artificial intelligence. After two days of design thinking, in a five-minute pitch nine teams had the opportunity to present their ideas for jury members: Christoph Schmallenbach (CEO of AachenMünchener), Susanne von Agris (employee in the Corporate Control department of AachenMünchener) and Assoc. Prof. Dr. David Antons (Chair of Innovation, Strategy and Organization of RWTH Aachen University). AachenMünchener is planning to implement ideas came as a result of innovation competition using TACIT methods. Find more details here.

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